Best RJ45 Crimper Reviews of 2019

Best RJ45 Crimper Reviews

If you are running an IT company, working as a professional technician in the networking field, or even a DIY enthusiast who love to do all the handy tasks by own, then you need an RJ45 crimper tool. The primary use of an Ethernet crimping tool is to crimp the Cat Ethernet cables for getting perfect internet connection and relief from frying wires. Today, I will provide you a list of the most sought and best RJ45 crimp tools which are tested by the experts.

Is there a need to buy an Ethernet crimping tool?

If you have a friend who allows you to borrow the crimp tool whenever you need it, then it’s okay if you not buy it personally. But, you may not like to bother your friend frequently to setup the network connection in your home or office. So, it’s better to buy an RJ45 crimper.

The best Ethernet crimping tool can cut, strip, and crease the connectors to have a perfect connection. Such tool helps you to make a proper management of the network cables and gain more productive and helpful working of the devices attached to them.

Let’s have a look at the list of the top networking tools now.

Best Crimp Tool

1. TRENDnet TC-CT68 Crimp, Cut, and Strip Tool

TRENDnet 8P RJ-45The TC-CT68 from TRENDnet is the best Ethernet crimping tool available in the market today. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and can handle various types of connections.

Advantages of TRENDnet TC-CT68 Ethernet Tool are:

  • It is built with the steel material which makes it durable for longer time
  • You can use this crimper with any RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, etc. Ethernet cable connectors and other Telephone cables
  • It has a lightweight and compact design which makes it more comfortable to hold and use
  • This crimp tool is ideal for dealing with the 8 & 6 position plugs
  • Though it is handful to much different connection & cable types, it works best with the RJ45 connection, and Cat5, Cat6 network cables



You need to be very careful while stripping the Ethernet cables, especially Cat5 and Cat6. Otherwise, you may end with a cut on them. Also, the handles can become a problem while storing this crimp tool in a tight space.


From professionals to home users, all can have a safe, easy, and quick crimping, stripping, cutting operation on the networking components with the help of the TRENDnet TC-CT68 Ethernet tool. It is a real value for money product.

2. UbiGear Crimper315 Network Tool Kits

UbiGear Cable TesterWhat do you think of getting a whole networking toolkit at a price of a single crimp tool? Well, it sounds fantastic. If you are a professional in a cable company, then I recommend you to go with the UbiGear networking toolkit which is available at cheap rate.

Advantages of UbiGear Crimper315 Tool Kit are:

  • The package includes an Ethernet crimper, a cable tester, a wire stripper, and 100 RJ45 modular plugs. So you get too many in a little price
  • Works well on RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 connectors
  • The included tester helps you to identify the wrong network connection that allows making minimum of error while establishing the network
  • The protective case made from leather protects your hands while doing electrical tasks
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer warranty



As the price is cheap, sometimes the quality of the tools may not be found competent enough as expected. The improper line up of slot pins may make your assembly task time consuming and annoying.


For the number of tools you get and the price you have to pay, this network toolset from UbiGear is a fair choice. Even if you make wrong wirings with the connectors, you will have a plenty of RJ45 connectors in stock to replace them.

3. Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-RJPRO HD RJ45 Crimper

Platinum Tools 100054CThe Clamshell EZ-RJPRO is a top-class RJ45 crimp tool that offers you to make secure and ultra-solid network across your various devices. It will help you to get rid of every connectivity obstacles like handling the large gauged cables and hard & thick conductors. It is compatible with all the standard connectors and modular plugs.

Advantages of Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-RJPRO HD Crimper are:

  • It helps to avoid torque loss at the time of crimping
  • If you are using the RJ45 connectors, then it provides cleaner & smoother trim
  • The crimper helps to handle even the round & flat network cable with inbuilt stripper and cutter
  • It offers you to have a 3600 support to the connector
  • Due to the surface-to-surface contact, it allows you to do the task without messing up the things



The crimping tool may not satisfy the 1/8 wire cutting problem. Some users complained that the instrument arrived in a defective design which created issues with alignments. So make sure to check it on arrival.


If you have no problem with the budget, then you should get this one of the easiest and quickest Ethernet crimping tools from Platinum Tools.

4. Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Three in One Tool

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SENKlein Tools designed this most reliable and fast tool for your network applications. The VDV226-011-SEN is a three in one tool which works as a crimper, stripper, and cutter.

Advantages of Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Ethernet Tool are:

  • It can crimp 8, 6, and 4-position RJ45, RJ22, RJ12, RJ11 connectors
  • It is reliable to use and durable due to its sturdy design
  • Works perfectly on almost all the voice and data network applications
  • The guard on the knives and the release points of the tool make it safer and reduce the risk of any injury
  • The smaller size of the device makes it even easier to operate



If you don’t stay precise while using, it may cut the wires deep and can leave a minor damage. Also, you may get a low-quality tool if you don’t purchase from a reputed site as there are many clones made of this popular product from Klein Tools.


I am using this tool in my workspace and liked the way it operates. I don’t have any issue at any time and may use it for a few years more. If you are looking for an affordable, sturdy, easy-to-operate, and three-in-one tool, then the VDV226-011-SEN is the right option to choose.

5. NYKKOLA Network LAN Cable Tool

NYKKOLA Rj45 Cat5If you are looking for a specially designed crimper for RJ45 connectors and a plier for Cat5 Ethernet cables, then check out this LAN tool from NYKKOLA.

Advantages of NYKKOLA Network Crimper Plier Tool are:

  • It can firmly hold the Ethernet cables, especially Cat5 LAN cables to help you do your task easily
  • The crimp tool is best for RJ45 connector crimping due to its specialized design
  • The price is relatively cheap than the other branded Ethernet crimping tools. So people who don’t establish connections too frequently, opt for it



It does not act like a stripper. So if you want to strip the Ethernet cables, then you need to purchase a separate tool.


If you want a simple yet effective RJ45 crimper at a cheap price, then get this NYKKOLA network cable tool. But, if you prefer a more reliable, multi-tasking, and sturdy tool, then look for other options here.

6. Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 CrimpAgain, from Platinum Tools, you get a trimming and crimping tool with a durable design and affordable price. This EZ-RJ45 is a well-built crimper that uses only one easy operation to trim and crimp the Ethernet cable connectors.

Advantages of Ethernet Crimper from Platinum Tools are:

  • Not only it performs well on RJ45, but also provides excellent results on RJ12 and RJ11 modular connectors
  • Perfect for Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat5 Ethernet networks
  • Straightforward connector crimping gives you more stable and point to point connections
  • This crimp tool is a good combination of affordable price and quality & utility of functionality
  • Made with steel and a convenient handle to give you a sturdy, safe hand tool



Sometimes you may feel that the pressure of the crimper is not enough on the copper connectors, which leads into improper contact to the wires. Also, it may not work correctly on stranded and solid core Ethernets.


Though the EZ-RJ45 crimper from Platinum Tools lacks some strength to perform heavy duty operations, it can turn to be a good choice for crimping the RJ45 and other Ethernet connectors.

7. YOOMALL New RJ45 Crimp Tool

New RJ45 CAT5 NetworkThis all-new RJ45 crimping and plier tools from YOOMALL are not as popular as other top branded crimpers, but it surely has a good image amongst the non-professionals. These instruments are designed explicitly for RJ45 and Cat5 Ethernet networks. So if you are dealing with such type of connections, then bring them home.

Advantages of YOOMALL RJ45 Crimp and Plier Tools are:

  • Cheap price and specially built for the most common network type make them lovable by amateurs
  • For the home users who need a crimp tool only once or twice for the network setup, this is the perfect option for them
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it convenient for use



It is not made for professional use, so if you have a daily need of a crimper, don’t buy this.


The RJ45 crimping and plier tools from YOOMALL are perfect for Cat5 networking connections as they have some specific design. But, for the IT professionals, it’s not recommended to buy them as they are not meant for longer & frequent use.


If you are working with networking wires at home or office, daily or occasionally, heavy duty or softer cycles; the best RJ45 crimper will help you to have the best connection between the connectors and Ethernet cables. Almost all the RJ45 crimping tools come in lightweight designs, made for durable operations, and are available at affordable prices.

The best Ethernet crimp tools will serve you for years if you keep them properly and make regular maintenance of them. Let me know in the comment section below for your favorite RJ45 crimping tool from the list above and how it helped you to make your internet network connection.

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