Best Digital Optical Audio Cable: Top Toslink Cables of 2019

Best Digital Optical Audio Cable

Many home entertainment enthusiasts are not familiar with the concept of digital optical audio. They may know about its existence, but its function is still vague. Typically, a digital optical connection is a physical connection from a source to a playback device using specially designed cables. The term “optical” is used to the nature of the transmission media, namely optical fibers. The light is emitted by a small LED light bulb that emits it at the transmitter, after which it travels through the optical fiber to the receiver.

The best digital optical audio cables come in different lengths, colors, and prices. Before you pick out one of the best Toslink cables, make sure you double-check the length of the cable you are buying. After all, what good is a cable that meets all your needs but falls short in length?

Best Digital Optical Audio Cable

1. AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Cable

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

It is currently trending as one of the best Toslink cables in the market. Primarily used to connect audio components such as a sound bar to a receiver/pre-amp, it is a cable that is well-built and does well for most common projects.

  • You can get a clear, multi-channel digital output from this 6-feet cable.
  • The optical cable used to carry the signals is lightweight and flexible, making it more convenient for you to place the cable.
  • This cable features a protective black PVC exterior, with corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors so that your digital audio comes to you free of distortion.
  • It is compatible with most devices that are fitted in with Toslink ports.
  • It also has a 1-year guarantee.


2. KabelDirekt Digital Optical Audio Cable

KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable

KabelDirekt is a brand that is well known for its quality. Using the best fiber optic cable, their brand delivers high-quality sound at affordable prices. The optical fiber cables ensure a loss-free transmission, unlike other regular cables which face electromagnetic and radio interference.

  • It is the best optical audio cable, giving you a crystal clear audio with zero loss. It is perfect for DVD, Blu-ray, home theater, online streaming devices, and more.
  • This cable gives you multi-channel surround sound that works well for different kind of sound systems including Dolby.
  • It is manufactured out of the highest grade materials so that all the required standards are maintained.
  • A PVC jacket is attached to the cable for additional protection, and the connectors are plated with gold so that there is no corrosion or rust over time. The cables are tested in many different ways by bending them in all directions to check the signal output. The cables sent to you are successfully tested and highly certified so that you can use them without any hassles.
  • This cable also comes with an 18-month warranty, so you have an option to get it replaced for if there are any manufacturing defects in it.


3. BlueRigger Digital Audio Toslink Cable

BlueRigger Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

This BlueRigger cable is regarded as the best optical audio cable in recent times. It allows you to enjoy movies from the highest quality displays by connecting them with Dolby or DTS surround sound. The cable connectors are topped with protective rubber tips that need to be removed before installation.

  • The precision-polished connectors help in providing the best sound to you.
  • It allows for easy installation of audio components with your home theater system.
  • It has been CL-3 rated for in-wall installations, which means it is certified to be able to provide good quality output signal even when in-wall installation.
  • Get better sonic accuracy thanks to the excellent protection provided by an outer PVC layer and gold-plated corrosion-resistant cable connectors.
  • Expect maximum signal transfer accuracy thanks to the optical fiber which has been optimizing for high fidelity.


4. Cable Matters Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable

Cable Matters Gold Plated Toslink

This digital optical audio cable is considered as the best fiber optic cable for audio transmission, making it an essential part of any home theater system. It can be connected to the optical audio port on a soundbar, an A/V  receiver, a gaming console, and many more devices.

  • It designed with optical fiber cables that are synthetic and provide low jitters so you can enjoy the premium quality of sound in your system.
  • The cable connectors are made of metal and plated with gold, making them robust and difficult to damage in nature.
  • The jacket of the cable is given additional protection in the form of a braided jacket.
  • It comes with 360° grip treads that help in easy plugging and unplugging from your system. The fiber optical cable used to provides the best defense in any signal loss and interference.


5. Mediabridge Toslink Audio Cable

Mediabridge Toslink Cable

This Mediabridge Toslink cable performs so well that many claims, it is genuinely the best digital optical audio cable. High-performance audio components will deliver the best when they are connected with the best cable. With its distortion-free fiber optic stream, this cable gives an output of purer audio signals as compared to other electrical cables.

  • The cable is covered with a durable PVC jacket and includes gold plated cable connectors.
  • This cable also uses buffer tubing technology to make the sound purer.
  • It also includes rubber tips to keep the cable connectors protected from the environment.
  • A fiber optic cable keeps your audio free from interference, giving you rich and detailed sound.


The market is filled with many options for connecting your playback devices to a source through an transmission medium; the most common of them is HDMI. However, not all HDMI ports allow the transmission of audio with video. And for cases when only audio output is required, HDMI falls short of meeting your expectations. However, this is where the best digital optical audio cable shines. By giving you unparalleled sound between devices, it is an essential component for all the audio lovers.

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