Does A Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed? EXPLAINED

Does A Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

High-speed Internet is the need of the hour. We all want seamless and fast connectivity whether it is at work or while gaming. This is why offices and gamers prefer the Ethernet. Even though there are many powerful routers on the market today, they cannot match the speed that a cable can give. 

Now, when you are establishing a wired connection, you are bound to get doubts. Among the most common questions is about the speed.

Does A Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

The answer to this depends on how long the cable actually is. The maximum length is around 328 ft., which is good enough for large spaces as well as different floors. Until this length, you will see absolutely no loss of signal or compromise on speed. It will make little to no difference to the outcome. So, you don’t need to worry even if you have a large house.

If you go beyond 328 ft. though, you will see a lot of difference. The signal will be faulty and less reliable. The speed will also be severely compromised. 

How To Have A Long Cable Without Reducing Speed? 

While 328 ft. is just fine for most applications, you might need something beyond that in some instances. In such cases, you can add a router or any similar active switch in the middle to ensure that the speed does not get affected. These switches are affordable and easy to set up.

What Is The Main Factor That Affects Speed?

You might think that length is the most important factor for speed and reliability. But it is actually the quality of the cable you purchase. Ethernet cables are of different types and just like anything else, the quality varies. This is why it is important to buy one that’s strong, reliable, and long-lasting.

Do Multiple Ethernet Cables Reduce Speed?

Another popular question about Ethernet cables is whether using 2 or more of them will affect speed. A regular modem comes with 4 ports, which means that it allows you to use 4 Ethernet cables simultaneously. But, using them together can reduce the individual speed. This is because the overall setup is now complicated and the connection needs to be split into 4 different cables. 

People also ask

1.) Is It Better To Have A Shorter Or Longer Ethernet Cable?

Anything below 328 ft. should be fine because it will make no difference to the speed.

2.) Is 50 ft. Ethernet Cable Too Long?

No, it isn’t. 

3.) How Far Can You Run An Ethernet Cable Without Losing Speed?

328 feet.


To ensure that the speed of your Internet is not compromised, you need an excellent quality cable. The length doesn’t really matter. We hope our article cleared your doubts. If you have any more, feel free to reach out to us.

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