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How to get Wired Internet in Multiple Rooms – Extend your Ethernet Cable

How to get Wired Internet in Multiple Rooms

We all know that wired Internet is faster and more seamless than wireless Internet. Thus, anyone who needs lag-free connectivity (gamers, designers, etc.) also needs wired Internet.

Now, the problem here is that the wire can only go so far. This restricts access and forces you to compromise on the seating arrangement. For example, if you have a separate workstation and the wire doesn’t reach it, you will have to change rooms! 

Not anymore!

There are simple ways in which you can get wired Internet in multiple rooms. This means that you can setup shop wherever you want and still get ultra-fast connectivity. This article is all about making this dream possible.

How to get Wired Internet in Multiple Rooms

There are 2 popular ways of doing so.

Use Ethernet cables

All you need are a few Ethernet cables (based on how many connections you want to establish) and run each from the router to your room.

Use Ethernet cables

But, do you see a problem here? We do. It’s the problem of loose cables all around the house. It is easy to trip and get injured. They are also an eyesore. To avoid this, you can run the cables under the carpet or behind furniture. You can also use special products designed to hide cables. However, this is not a long-term solution. This is why we suggest this method only for temporary usage. 

Use a powerline adapter

Powerline adapters are handy and affordable. They are a more practical way of getting the Internet in multiple rooms. This is because you only need an electrical outlet to plug the adapter in. it will use your lines to transmit data without creating a problem of wires all around the house.

powerline adapter

Now, while this is not literally “getting wired internet in multiple rooms,” it is much more reliable than wireless connections. It also eliminates the pitfalls of running Ethernet cables

The one thing you should remember here is that a powerline adapter goes into the outlet only. Connecting it to a power strip may not be an ideal solution because it causes problems.

Why not choose wireless routers?

Pretty much everyone has a router at home. Wouldn’t upgrading to a better one solve the problem? Is it really necessary to run Ethernet wires or buy a powerline adapter? 

Well, you are right. Modern routers, especially the high-end ones promise connectivity comparable to powerline adapters. They also promise very low signal loss and great speed but there are downsides. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Wireless routers of such incredible capacity are very expensive
  • They are not very reliable because the connectivity depends on a number of factors such as latency issues and interference
  • There will be loss no matter what – you won’t get the same speed that your Internet plan specifies 

Do you really need a wired Internet?

If you are nodding yes to any of the following, you need wired Internet – 

  • You regularly transfer large data files
  • You watch a lot of movies 
  • You are a gamer
  • You stream videos and engage in video calls regularly 

Regular users do not really need wired internet but gamers, movie enthusiasts, programmers, and professionals who are always on video calls definitely need it. 

We hope this article provided a comprehensive outlook and helped you understand how to get wired Internet in multiple rooms. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are always happy to get feedback and comments.

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