Has the Internet stopped working? Have you called the Internet guys already? You probably heard them say that there’s no fault in wired network. Oh, that can be frustrating!

The truth is that the answer is sometimes as simple as the Ethernet cable not working. Yes, a bad Ethernet cable can cause major connectivity issues. Also, it is not unheard of for a faulty cable to wreck Internet performance. This means that even though you paid for the 100 GBPS package, you will not enjoy the speed or connectivity.

How to Test Ethernet Cables

Now, we don’t waste our time trying to figure out why exactly there are so many connectivity issues:

1) If your Internet is slow or if there are numerous drop-offs

Can a bad Ethernet cable slow down the Internet? It most certainly can.

This usually happens when the Ethernet cable is damaged or bent. The first thing to do is to check if the entire length of the cable. If it is bent in a place or two, simply straighten it and that’ll do the job. If it is damaged, you may have to take measures to repair or replace it.

If you aren’t unable to figure out what’s wrong, calling an expert would be the right way to go. But, before you jump to Amazon to buy a new cable, we suggest you take a look at the connector too. Shake it or move it slightly and see if the Internet is restored. If yes, you aren’t dealing with a bad Ethernet cable at all. You are dealing with a connector that has gone bad. If the problem persists, you may go ahead and replace the cable or call for repair.

2) If connection is always shaky

In this case, the cable or the connector or both can be at fault. An easy way to figure out if your Ethernet cable is not working is to plug it to another computer with a sound connector. If it’s working, your connector is at fault. If it isn’t, you have your answer to the commonly asked question, “Do Ethernet cables go bad?

3) If there are connectivity issues

Physical damage can cause these issues but if you aren’t able to locate any damage, it is best to use a tester to get to the root of the problem. There are electronic devices called network cable testers that you can buy off Amazon. They are pretty affordable and will save you a lot of hassle.

If you are unsure, though, and would rather spend on an expert than on buying a tester, you can call a professional network executive to help you. However, having a cable tester will come handy in the future as well because you will know of the problem right away without having to fish around a lot, and network problems are easier to solve when we have clarity about them.