Token Ring Vs Ethernet: Check the Basic Differences

Token Ring Vs Ethernet

To say it simply, token ring is a local area network that works to transmit nodes only when certain pieces are aligned in succession to more successive nodes. Ethernet, on the other hand, is a system that connects computers. All these together form one local area network.

Are you confused? Well, let’s talk about each a little more so that you understand the concept of token ring vs Ethernet clearly:

Token Ring

The token ring system came into existence in 1984. IBM is the mastermind behind it.

In a token ring system, there are computers associated with each other but in a ring. Here, only the host system has the capability or power to transmit information. All the computers are linked in a ring or a circle and the information is transmitted in that circle.

So, how it works is, the host system send information through a token to the associated system. This computer takes the token, adds a message, and then lets it travel forward.

The token ring system is used mostly in professional settings for successive and intelligent transmission of information.Token Ring



Ethernet connects all systems in a local area for information passage to occur seamlessly. There is no successive transmission in this case. It all happens through different protocols.

When it started in the 1980s, 10 MBPS was the maximum speed ethernet could attain, but now we see 1000 MBPS as well! While 100 meters is the maximum length for individual links, connected gadgets can increase this to buildings altogether.Ethernet

Token Ring Vs Ethernet

Let’s list out the key differences between these:

  1. Ethernet is indeterministic while token ring is deterministic.
  2. You don’t need to worry about delays with Ethernet, but when it comes to the token ring, there could be serious delays when the load is low.
  3. The topology of ethernet is Collision Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection while in the case of the token ring, it is a token passing system and only one workstation can be worked on at a given point.
  4. Ethernet is faster than the token ring.
  5. Ethernet is significantly cheaper than the token ring.

Token ring is generally confined to certain office scenarios. Ethernet is usually the popular choice seeing how it is so easy to use and understand. We hope you have a clear understanding of both now. If you have any doubts, we would be happy to clear them for you!

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