Coax vs. Ethernet – How are they Different from Each Other?

Coax VS Ethernet

Things were simple back in the day, weren’t they? We had the comfort of technology with limited options. So, there wasn’t a lot of confusion. Today, we are spoilt with too many choices, and while that’s a very good thing, it can lead to frustration when you can’t make a simple decision. For example, when you search for network cables, you will come across coax and ethernet as the popular choices. Now, the question arises – What’s the difference between them? What purposes do they serve? Are they the same, or must you compare them and see who wins the coax vs ethernet battle?

Coax VS Ethernet

Comparing them is a wise choice, but we know how tedious that can be. So, as always, we are here with the answers. We did the homework for you. So, just read on to understand what each of these cables is and what the differences are.


EthernetEthernet cables are used mainly for routers, switches, and PCs. They are long cables that connect these devices to the LAN. Each cable has the capability to connect one device with the LAN.

The most common types of ethernet cables are CAT5 and CAT6. However, there’s one more that enables you to connect 2 PCs together.

Types of Ethernet Cables

  • Solid form: These cables provide excellent performance and minimize electric interference. They are ideal for business networks and are installed under the floors or in the roofs.
  • Stranded form: These cables are most preferred for home settings. They are simple to use and resist cracks.
  • Twisted cables: Twisted cables are sets of 2 cables, intertwined with each other. They are also suitable for business purposes.

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cablesCoaxial cables or coax cables are shielded cables, typically useful in transmitting signals over long distances. However, they carry visual and audio signals only. They are not made to send internet signals from one device to the other. For example, a few years ago, VCRs were very popular. Every home had one. These VCRs were connected to the TV using a coax cable. Today, you can use them with multiple devices, mainly to connect the TV to the cable box.

Coaxial cables are used in every home and office today. Even though most of us don’t pay attention to them, they are very important, and we can’t really do without them. And, this is despite the fact that these cables are pricy. They are more expensive than ethernet cables, but honestly, they are useful, and there’s no workaround. 

Coax vs Ethernet – Which One should you Pick?

Coax vs ethernet – Which one should you pick?Well, since they both serve different purposes, we can’t say that one of them is better than the other. To decide which one to use, you should figure out what the purpose is. Why do you need a network cable? Is it to connect to the internet, or is it for audio & visual connections? Based on that, you can easily make a choice.

Both the cables are network cables, yes, but their purposes are clearly quite different. You don’t need to get confused at all!

Do you have any more doubts about either of these cables and their uses? We welcome questions and suggestions! Simply leave a comment with your thoughts, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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  1. david bender says:

    My apartment has coax cable taken from my internet router into the bedroom. I would like to make this a wired access point but i assume I need a rj45 connection point. Are there coax to rj45 converters. Would this work or would there be a loss of signal / noise on the coax?

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