Ethernet vs WiFi: Which is Better for Gaming?

Ethernet vs WiFi- Which is Better for Gaming

When it comes to having an enhanced gaming experience online, then you need an internet connection which is fast streaming, reliable, constant, and stable. When you configure your PC and gaming console, then you need to choose the connection type, i.e. WiFi or network cable. Today, we will compare Ethernet Vs WiFi and decide which is better for gaming.

One of the most basic differences between a WiFi connection and an Ethernet cable is the physical ability. The Ethernet cable connection requires a physical tethering of your computer with your router while the WiFi connection allows you to connect your system wirelessly within the range. The first is not ideal for laptop users while the second can face some interferences over the air.

Powerline Ethernet provides faster internet speed, low latency, as well as does not face interference such as WiFi. But for the people who work mobile or living at shared places, have to use the WiFi connection as they can’t use the cabled network connection.

Let’s See This for Gaming


A wireless router uses radio wave signals to provide connection to the mobile devices at your home or office. The consistency of these radio waves can be affected by some factors like the obstacles in the home such as walls, cabinets, floors, doors, the distance to your router from your connecting device, and the interference from other devices at your home or neighbor like mobiles, PCs, etc. which use the WiFi network. All these things can make an effect on your overall gaming experience. When such inconvenience occurs, a packet loss (game’s data are sent in packets) or delay happens. It can cause a disturbance in your online gameplay. If you are using an Ethernet cable connection with your gaming console, you will not face any disruption in your gaming.

So, this means Ethernet is better for gaming, right?

It is true that Ethernet is more stable and reliable than a WiFi network, especially for gaming, but that does not mean a wireless connection is abominable. If you are using a WiFi connection at your home, then you can use some powerline adapters like TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT to have a high-speed Ethernet connection in any area of your home. If you have no choice than using the WiFi, then you can make sure that your router is placed as near to your gaming console as you can.

Ethernet Vs WiFi Gaming

Ethernet can provide lag-free connection speed, security, and reliable connection. Whereas a WiFi connection provides comfort and convenience which you can use at any part of your home or office without messing with cables everywhere you go. It is another matter that your gaming consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation rarely moved around your home, but a device like your mobile or Laptop has the flexibility of roaming around, and a WiFi connection is best for them.

Different types of Ethernet cables like Cat6, Cat6e, etc. provide very high-speed connection security of up to 1000Mbps, but they are not at all necessary even if you use the highest class of online gaming. Because online gaming requires only a little bit of consistent bandwidth to run smoothly i.e. 1Mbps speed is enough for most of the online gameplay. Also, most of the internet connections have a top speed of 100Mbps, especially when it is a matter of home connection, this can be even less. So, a WiFi connection can also be a worthy choice for online gaming if it does not face too much interference.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Ethernet and WiFi

WiFi vs Ethernet

  • Place of your router.
  • The device you are using i.e. desktop, laptop, gaming console, mobile.
  • Whether you are living in a shared place or not.
  • How many interferences like walls, cabinets, doors, etc. can break the connection.
  • For how many devices you will be using the internet connection.
  • Your budget, as to have a WiFi, you need to purchase a separate router, and to have an Ethernet cable connection, you can get an Ethernet wire at a very low cost.

Ethernet Vs WiFi: Which is Better for Gaming?

Well, as said before, it depends. Because to enjoy gaming at an extreme level, there are many other circumstances which need to be fulfilled like a good gaming monitor, a compatible graphics card, a processor which can be overclocked, a less congested gaming server, and much more. But having a reliable connection which gives you constant speed with better security is always admirable which is provided by powerline Ethernet, but it cannot give connection flexibility as a WiFi connection gives.

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  1. Scott says:

    I play fighting games on ps4 console with a 20 ms tv(best monitors are 10ms) and for online I have xfinity and the router is dual band 802-11ac, will I benefit by using Ethernet for online play and if so what should I ask the installer to do, such as settings and cables to use and so on, thanks

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