Does a coax splitter reduce quality?

Does a coax splitter reduce quality

The coaxial splitter is among the handiest tools to be ever invented. It makes life easy by splitting a signal into 2 so that you can use 2 or more devices at the same time. When you use a 2-way splitter, you will connect an output and an input port. In this example, the power is distributed between these ports. 

We receive quite a few questions about coax splitters regularly. The most common ones relate to quality and signal loss. We are going to address them now.

Does a coax splitter reduce quality?

Yes and no. The right answer depends on what you mean by quality. 

If you are referring to signal loss, then yes. Splitting the cable will result in considerable signal loss but you can minimize this by purchasing good cables. You can also take a step further and buy an amplifier to nullify the loss. 

If you are talking about internet speed, then the answer is no. A good coax cable will not affect the speed of the internet. You will still get how much you were promised by the operator. In case you are having signal and speed issues, you must identify the problem.

How can you minimize signal loss?

While you can’t eliminate it altogether, you can take steps to minimize signal loss. One of the easiest steps is to invest in a good quality cable. Also, ensure that you don’t go overboard with the length. Buy whatever you need and nothing more. This is because as the signal travels a long distance, its strength decreases. A long cable may seem appealing but if you don’t need it, you shouldn’t buy it.

Another tip is to buy keeping the db rating in mind. You will see this rating on the cable itself. Anything between 3 and 7 is good. Anything more indicates more signal loss. 

Is coax faster than ethernet?

No, ethernet is faster. There are no two ways about it. 

Is coax better than fiber optic?

The answer is the same as above. Fiber optic is better than coaxial cables. 

Do coax cables have a maximum speed?

Do coax cables have a maximum speed

Coax cables are nothing but carriers. They don’t have a speed limit. Speed usually depends on the technology you are using and not the cable itself.

The bottom line is that coax cables only reduce the signal quality and not the speed. With good cables, the loss is insignificant and unnoticeable. This is why we recommend that you only buy the best.

If we missed out on any question or if you have additional doubts, kindly contact us or leave a comment. 

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