Micro HDMI Vs Micro USB- Know The Difference

Micro HDMI Vs Micro USB

HDMI, USB, micro HDMI, mini USB, USB-C – the list does not stop.

Living during the tech revolution is amazing, but there’s a small downside to it as well – confusion!
Especially if you are not really into technology and electronic devices, defining and differentiating
between cables can be very difficult. Time and again, we have received questions about the difference between two or more types of cable. A few have also ended up buying the wrong cables
and regretting it later.

Today, the cables that are causing the most confusion are micro HDMI and micro USB. What are
they, and are they interchangeable at all? What purposes do they serve? We have the answers!

Micro HDMI

We are all familiar with the older brother in this category, the regular HDMI cable. It is used to
transmit excellent visuals and audio. This is why you will see it being used extensively for TVs, DVDs,
video games, computers, etc.



The micro HDMI is used for the same purpose but for smaller devices. These include small tablets
and smartphones. It will give you amazing audio and video on your preferred device. If you have an
HDMI and want to use it with a smaller device, you can always get a converter. Micro to HDMI
converters are easily available in the market.

Micro USB

Micro USBs are quite famous, and their function is straight forward. They charge smartphones, e-
books, and cameras. Their older brother, the standard USB, was the norm for a long time but is
slowly being replaced because it is quite bulky. Micro USB cables are sturdy, thin, mirroring today’s
smartphones, which are sleek and super thin. With time, we think micro USBs will become the norm,
and standard ones will become obsolete.


Micro HDMI vs Micro USB

The difference is obvious in the purpose. From the information above, we are sure you understood
that HDMI (no matter the size) is for audio and video transfer. A USB cable is for charging and to transfer different types of data, which HDMI is not capable of. The verdict for Micro HDMI vs Micro USB – Which one’s a better choice?

There’s absolutely no comparison between the two. They serve different purposes, and you cannot
use one for the other. This means that you can’t charge your phone with a micro HDMI, and you
can’t watch excellent videos with your micro USB. This is why there’s no reason to compare them
and try to understand which one’s better.

The right choice for you completely depends on your requirements. Ask yourself what you need a
cable for, and the answer will be clear.

We hope our article cleared your confusion. If you are still unable to decide, please feel free to let us
know via comments. We are looking forward to helping you.

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