Does coax cable need to be grounded?

Does coax cable need to be grounded?

Ground a coaxial cable helps remove static and get a better signal. This is why most homeowners prefer doing it. But there are many doubts that keep arising about it. We are here to answer all of them for you.

Does coax cable need to be grounded?

Yes, it does. The National Electric Code has made it mandatory to ground the coaxial cable and antenna. It can be a part of the ground electrode system (GES). There are other options as well but GES seems to be the most viable of them all. You don’t need a separate ground rod for this but if you are going to use one, you should follow the specifications mentioned (10 AWG copper wire or 17 AWG bronze wire).

Other recommendations are:

  • The ground where the mast goes should be direct and short
  • There shouldn’t be too many bends
  • Use a split bolt connector for this process
  • The ground block should be close to the entrance of the house or wherever the coax cable enters the house 

How to ground a coax cable

How to ground a coax cable

If you are disappointed that the coax cable needs to be grounded, please read on.

It is not all that difficult to ground your cable line. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Get a grounding block along with a connector. The connector will be attached to your cable line.
  2. Use a grounding wire of the right thickness and size to connect to the grounding block and then run this to the ground. It will ensure that the signal doesn’t weaken. It will also remove static.
  3. Now is the time to attach the wire and block to the wall – anywhere near the entrance. Make sure you don’t inconvenience the neighbors. Attach it only to your wall.
  4. Steer clear of the ground loops to avoid interference from other cables. 

That’s about it!

If you have never done this before, you will feel like it is a difficult task. Instead of risking it and doing it improperly, we advise that you leave it to the professionals. They will help you with the whole setup in no time. 

What happens if the coax cable is not grounded?

if the coax cable is not grounded

It is mandatory to ground your coax cable for a reason. Not doing so can invite hazards. Improper grounding is also quite dangerous. 

The device you are using to with coax cable may be damaged beyond repair and you stand the risk of suffering an electric shock from the wire. This is why safety experts are very keen on ensuring that all coax cables are properly grounded. 

We hope this article answered all your questions. If there are more, please reach out! 

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